Eczema affects people of all ages, causing areas of skin become inflamed, itchy, cracked and rough. The type and the area differs depending on how old you are. The most common form of eczema across all ages is atopic dermatitis. This type of eczema mostly affects people who tend to have asthma, hay fever, or food allergies.

While most people outgrow atopic dermatitis by the time they are teenagers, it can persist into adulthood. For others, childhood eczema that had cleared up years prior may reemerge.

Eczema can also develop for the very first time in adulthood; this is called adult-onset eczema. Some of the prime years for developing adult-onset eczema include middle age and older. Skin naturally becomes drier as people get older, leaving it more vulnerable.

The location of eczema follows a fairly predictable location pattern depending on one’s age. Whether the patient is an infant or a senior citizen, keeping skin moisturized and away from possible skin irritants are essential to easing symptoms. Eczema can be effectively managed with the right treatments and procedures, so if you or somebody in your family is suffering from eczema please book an appointment with one of our skin specialists now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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